Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ACA?
ACA stands for “Adult Children of Alcoholics”. ACA is a twelve-step program focused on helping adults who grew up in alcoholic or similar dysfunctional homes deal with issues commonly experienced by people with this background. You can find more information about ACA at the official website,

Who organizes the Convention?
The ACA Convention is organized by volunteers who wish to help other ACA's in their journey of recovery. The Convention is completely non-profit; nobody is paid or compensated for their time except for token honorariums given to the speakers. Prices for registration and the optional meal plans are designed to just allow us to recover our costs.

Is this ACA Convention the same as the San Diego ACA Convention?
Yes. The ACA Convention has been running for 19 consecutive years, and has enjoyed a strong reputation as a well-run conference with exceptional speakers. We formally changed the name to the ACA International Convention in 2004.

Who can attend the Convention?
The Convention is open to all people who identify with The Problem (see ). Because the topics discussed and the content of people's sharing can be intense and emotional, we recommend parents consider carefully if they should bring children with them. There is no childcare available at the Convention, the sessions are geared towards adult issues, and historically the attendees have been almost entirely adults.

How is the ACA Convention different from other ACA retreats or conferences?
There are numerous retreats and conferences hosted by various groups affiliated with ACA which are held throughout the year. The ACA website has a listing of these types of events at . The ACA Convention is unique in its format. It's based in a hotel convention center rather than a camp and is among the largest gatherings of ACA's done anywhere in the world.

Is my registration tax-deductible?
Probably not. You're welcome to consult a tax professional on this, but IRS guidelines indicate you may only deduct the portion of gifts which exceed the value of any service or products received. Although ACA is a non-profit entity, because our registration and meal fees are designed to just cover our costs, and there are no contributions to ACA embedded in our costs, your registration is probably not tax-deductible. However, any donations you make to ACA through WSO are fully tax-deductible.

Is the Convention facility accessible to seniors and the physically challenged?
The Fullerton Crowne Plaza has guest rooms designed for the physically challenged, and all rooms used by the Convention are on the ground floor and wheelchair-accessible.

I don't attend ACA meetings. Can I attend the Convention?
Anyone who identifies with The Problem ( ) is welcome to attend.